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Welcome to Lisa's Cat Lover's Pages. My name is Lisa Brewer and I absolutely LOVE cats!! I am the webmistress of this site and I have 7 wonderful cats named Cheyanne, Stormy, Gizmo, Snickers, Teddy Bear, Kali and Socks. On this site you will find the combined efforts, talents and contributions of many cat lovers.
Kali Gizmo Snickers Cheyanne
  Stormy Teddy  
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"Drip Drop Ducky" Photo by Lynda Burruss ©2009 - Purdy Photo Art
Visit Lynda's Online Photo Gallery

This picture must be enlarged to appreciate the fantastic photoart by Lynda. Pictured is Harry staring curiously at a water drip coming out of the faucet. This water drip has been artfully photarted into a duckie. This is my favorite photoarted picture by Lynda. The picture of Harry is absolutely adorable and the awesome photart is a feast for the eyes. Lynda has an entire page at Lisa's Cat Lover's Pages of fantastic pictures she wanted to share with other cat lovers. You can view her pictures at  Lynda's Photo Kitties



About My Cat Lover's Pages

This website was started in 1999 when I needed a place to store picture for auctions. I decided to utilize this website by creating a site around my favorite cats! The website contained only a few pictures of my cats and some animated gifs that I 'borrowed' from the web. All my pages now contain original content. If you have seen some of this website's work elsewhere on the web, it originated from this site. I self taught myself simple HTML with the help of Amy G. and the immense amount of information available on the Yahoo help files. I received free software for Ulead Photo Shop with my scanner and started learning how to photoshop pictures, make graphics and animated gifs. The very first animated gif I made took me 3 days to make:) I stopped doing auctions after a couple of years because it was not worth my time and I had way too much stuff piled up in my house in boxes. The experience of doing auctions greatly contributed to 'getting me' started on the web and for that, I am thankful. My website really got going when my brother, Drew Thornton, pulled out his large albums of cat photos and let me borrow them. His pictures have been used in every section of my site. Friends and family joined in and started sending me their pictures. Then I started getting pictures through the e-mail. That's how I met Lynda Burruss, Terri Morin, Neil Evans and Chris from Bristol, England....the great and talented photographers that just wanted to share their wonderful pictures with other cat lovers! All of the drawn cats where done by me and are my personal artwork. All graphics, animated gifs and etc. from cat pictures where created by me using original pictures. These original pictures where contributed by Julie D., Tami, Drew Thornton, Darlene Thornton, Nancy H., Amy G. and a couple of close friends of my children. I obtained Java applets from various sites that further helped move this site forward. All credits are on the pages that contain the Java with links to where the Java was obtained. Of course I have to mention the two helpful and wonderful men in my house, my son and my husband, who I constantly pester to look at images and graphics for me. This site is a mostly a hobby and I have spent 10 times more than I have ever made from it! Most of my free stuff is still pretty simple. A lot of it was made in the day of computers with 350 MHz processors, 64 MB memory and 4 GB hard drives... so the content had to be small in size!!!! Basically, this site is a collaboration of the efforts and talents of cat lovers for the sole purpose of wanting to share it with you! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you enjoy this website.

Lisa Brewer, webmistress of Lisa's Cat Lover's Pages
In loving memory of the two wonderful cats that inspired the start of this page, Taz and Mickey
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